A polyamory festival in Valle de Sensaciones, Spain

Valle de Sensaciones is a human laboratory meant to generate sensations in a natural space for a defined time period. In the Spanish mountains, an hour’s drive from Granada, the community offers experiences such as numerous Tantra workshops, or a polyamory-centred festival during summer 2017. Feedback on this event organized as part of the sensory summer program Summer of Eros …

The Valle de Sensaciones project was created in 2000 when Aimim (the founder) decided to create his own place in the process of sustainable development, permaculture and artistic ecoconstruction, after travelling around ecovillages. As he was also very interested in social and human issues, he decided to focus his activities on the themes of sensuality and sexuality, which are paradoxically taboo in our current society, at a time when porn is the most watched theme on the Internet.

After being helped by artists from all over the world to create a magical environment that encourages inspiration (tree huts, beds in caves or near streams, natural pools, small lake of clay …), he now organizes various events, workshops and festivals with other members of the community, offering this space to develop the sensations of every one.

© Victor Bravo Lobo

Constant exchange of feelings

As in Tamera, the community considers that love is not a private subject, because we all love something or someone. Therefore they talk about it in group. Talking circles are organized every day in various forms. The community members gather to express their feelings, more or less theatrically, by using for example the Forum (invented by the Zegg community), which allows members to react to the feelings of others, like mirrors would. They do it by using the principles of non-violent communication so that everyone feels safe and respected.

© Victor Bravo Lobo

A great work of personal development then begins to deconstruct many concepts of the present society that make us violent. Racism, sexism, homophobia, emotional blackmail, strong vs. weak man, too emotional women… many stereotypes that tear our society apart simply because of deeply rooted fears and misunderstandings. Through various techniques and practices, the first objective is to break the ice between the different community members. Emphatic debates, games of glances, contacts through dancing or massages are then facilitated to create an atmosphere of peace and benevolence towards friends, colleagues and neighbours.

Polyamory: loving freely and without lies

Polyamory relations are based on the principle that we are able to love several people at the same time. They can be represented in different schemes and situations, when partners in love share other partners, or see other partners individually. The concept starts from the principle that loving is a natural act which cannot be controlled without frustrations, as monogamy does. The idea is to assume our attractiveness without lying, as it is very often observed in traditional couples.

During a weekend in Valle de Sensaciones, different exchanges, speeches, testimonies, allowed the participants to share the community experiences about polyamory and thus to know more on this subject.

I’ve had very inspiring weeks here. All dimensions of the human being are present, in a friendly and playful atmosphere. I felt free to express complicity through physical contact and discovered sexuality as something simple and open. A wonderful place to get to know me better!
– Sylvain, participating in many workshops organized as part of Summer of Eros 2017

Valle de Sensaciones in pictures

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Big thanks to © Victor Bravo Lobo for almost all the pictures.