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An information website dedicated to ecovillages in Europe.

Passionate about the environment and freelance digital nomad in communication, I started an European Ecovillages Tour in 2017 to meet and promote communities living in self-sufficiency, in a sustainable and ecological way.

This journey approaches ways of life connected to nature, which can function through exchanging and sharing, respecting local ecosystems and experimenting new social systems. After travelling and visiting ecovillages in Australia and Brazil, I decided to keep on discovering and share these alternative and unknown lifestyles, which exist all over the world and in Europe as well.

Ecovillages Europe is also an opportunity to raise awareness and show citizens that other lifestyles are possible not so far from our cities, but also that the environment, must be at the centre of our concerns to a level that meets its importance for our health.

I will take you on this journey which I will illustrate with photo & video articles about permaculture, eco-construction , well-being and the Environment because they go together, and also Vegetarian and vegan food.

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