The revival of a vegan community in southern Portugal

In recent years, a community like no other has been created online. Their aim was to a completely autonomous vegan ecovillage, living in a land of plenty with plants, trees and flowered paths. And they are almost there!

After choosing their land in southern Portugal, and overcoming some management problems, the renewed Vegan Hills community began to prepare their land.

Between the magnificent eco-constructions and small vegetable gardens, thirty members of more than 13 nationalities organize themselves to make their dream become a reality. On this huge 100-hectare site, the community is still seeking to expand. They are looking for a dozen of new motivated members to build their own autonomous space as well as shared spaces. Now, decisions are made more calmly, in the form of a direct democracy such as Switzerland.

A great birthday party

Vegan Hills will celebrate its first anniversary in September 2017 and for this occasion a big party will be held between the members. Thereafter, a day of open doors will be organized to discover the place. To achieve their goal of producing 100% of their needs, there is still a lot of work. The community seeks to create an exemplary space that respects its environment, helps its neighbours and ends cruelty to animals.


Being vegan for ethical, health and / or environmental reasons

While some of the members are vegan for health reasons, some are for environmental reasons, and others are for animal welfare reasons (in the same manner as Eotopia in France). All animal products are thus prohibited in order not to contribute to this cruel exploitation. On average, animals suffer during 15 minutes before dying in slaughterhouses.

The priority for the moment is to take care of the land, create water and shade areas in order to restore the land to its potential, by following the principles of permaculture. There are also many ruins on their land that could be renovated. In the future, the community wants to organize meditation retreats, animal therapies or courses to learn how to live independently.

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