In Quinta, a gigantic space to support permaculture in Portugal

A few steps away from Tamera Ecovillage in the south of Portugal, another major project is being developed: A Quinta. This huge space was acquired by an Anglo-Dutch family, to develop permaculture projects, eco-constructions and offer retreats and environmental education programs. In addition to that, they provide a space dedicated to the creation of micro-enterprises, so that all this is economically sustainable. So far, more than 300 people have tried the experiment.

After only three years, this future ecovillage is already self-sufficient in water, energy and will soon also be self-sufficient in food, thanks to a fruit trees forest. Several eco-constructions are built to welcome volunteers who come to discover the many facets of permaculture.

An ecologically, socially and economically sustainable project

Everyone can also offer their services as a trainer for visitors, or open a micro-business on the spot to develop an activity that would fit the A Quinta project objective.

In this 140-hectare space, a great work is under way to heal the nature which was mistreated in recent years. Reforestation, creation of water points, fertilization of the land … so many actions necessary to restore nature to its potential.

We want to take care of the land in order to combat desertification in this region. Permaculture makes it possible! I am hopeful that these lands will become economically, ecologically and socially viable again. The power that nature has over us humans is impressive. We must preserve it!
– Francine, co-creator of the project

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