Domespaces : housings coordinated with the golden ratio

Since the 1940’s, the concept of eco-construction emerge in order to create houses more in line with our environment, which respect ecology at each step of the making process and during the use of the house (heating, energy consumption, various flux release : water, waste). In the 1980’s, Patrick Marsili a self-educated architect applied theses principles and invented domespaces, circular houses made of wood that rotate with the sunlight. Decryption of this phenomenon :

Had I been a student in a school of architecture, I would never have invented Domespaces. I would have built square houses like everybody else.

The impact is not neutral, it is positive for the environment

Domespaces aim at consumming few energy for heating and hot water by using renewable energies  as much as possible ; energies such as solar energy with panels on the roof. A domespace is designed with a turning engine which enable it to rotate with the sun and therefore gain more than 40% of energy compared to fix solar panels. This engine would not exceed the power consumption of a toaster.

DOMESPACE international – Conception: P.MARSILLI – Photo: B.THOBY

Due to the round shape of the domespace, the room is heated more quickly. There is no waste of energy in the corners, the energy is distributed in the rooms because it bounce on the walls, thus it saves about 25% of energy brought by sun. Walls have a 30 centimers thickness that also keep  thermal heat. New models will not need additionnal heating.

Nowadays, nearly 250 domespaces have been built across the world. Personal houses, music studios, restaurants. This concept appeal to people who want to have a positive impact on their environment but also to those who want to make savings in the long run.

Good to know : From 2018, new housing construction should all have a positive impact on environment, not negative or even neutral. As a consequence, this type of housing could become the norm in the coming years.

DOMESPACE international - Conception: P.MARSILLI - Photo: B.THOBY
DOMESPACE international – Conception: P.MARSILLI – Photo: B.THOBY

Divine proportions : energy, space and light saving 

For a surface area to be considered livable, it must have at least 1m80 in height between the floor and the ceiling. The round shape of domespaces have a great surface area that can not be considered as livable and which is thus used for storage, beds, or even a bathtub. This makes a great gain of space. In most of domespaces, these surface areas are enough for all storage. Therefore, almost no furniture is needed.

Those houses, very bright, are also well-known for offering their residents a comfortable space and a surprising impression of well-being. The warmth of the wood, but also the light entering from each window at any time during the day have significant benefit for the health and on happiness. Built according to the golden ration, the “divine proportion” of nature, domespaces respect the vegetal, mineral and living world harmony.

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